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Rules of Investments
When buying USDT, never use a wallet address that does not belong to you. Please use your own wallet address
(Please do not send USDT to suspected scammers!)
Radoncap trading rules:
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Radoncap is a U.S. MSB-certified cryptocurrency over-the-counter exchange. It provides a trading platform for USDT and global cryptocurrencies, providing users with transaction accuracy and convenience.
Enter the amount of virtual currency you want to buy.
Please click on the recharge page to copy the recharge address of each recharge. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service.

  1. The income is settled every 4 hours, and each profit will be 0.83% of your investment amount!
  2. Double your investments in as little as 20 days

You invest 10 USDT, the profits every 4 hours is 10*0.83 = 10.5 USDT The biggest profits per day is 10.5% = 0.50 USDT Daily
Bind your TRC20 address for withdrawal, and the withdrawal fee is 3%. Withdrawal time is 1 minute to your account Note: Each TRC20 address can only be bound to one investment account use your Binance or Trust wallet to recharge: Radoncap TRADE Minimum Investments amount is 10 usdt and the minimum withdrawal amount is 10 USDT

Your friends make money by investing and you can earn commission income on trading profits.
Users directly invited by Lv1 (10% of total trading profit)
Lv2 L1 invited users (6% of total trading profit)
Lv3 L2 invited users (4% of total trading profit)